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Mala-inspired gemstone jewelry 

Mantras | Movement | Meditation 

Handmade and custom gemstone jewelry,

custom classes, workshops and retreats

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Gemstone Malas

Malas / meditation beads / prayer beads are used in eastern and western traditions around the world to help focus the mind, find calm, relieve stress, chant, meditate, pray. Made with healing gemstones, even simply holding or wearing them can shift energies.

Traditions vary, but put simply, one can hold the mala in either hand, and starting at the bead at the end, often called the guru bead,  say, whisper, or mentally recite an affirmation or chant. Move to the next bead with the thumb, and repeat.

Anju designs each mala with healing gemstones, and fills each one with positive affirmation and love. Each mala comes with a card describing the gemstones. Custom orders are available.

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Who we are

Anju means 'Blessings' or 'One who lives in the heart'

Devi means 'Goddess'

Our mission at Anju Devi Designs is to surround you and the world with blessings, offer nourishment to mind, body, and soul, and to do no harm.

Anju is a trained yoga, meditation, and mindfulness teacher with a passion for using these practices to help the individual. Her work blends the practices of yoga, ayurveda, mindfulness, mantra, and breath, and she can customize a program, virtual or in-person, for you. 

She has found tangible healing and calm through her work with crystals and gemstones, and, in particular, using malas and japa meditation, and will work with you to find or create the right piece for you.

We carefully source and choose natural gemstones for our products, and work to surround your pieces with the healing energy of mantra.

Each piece is made with love.

Home: Our Story
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